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About Us

Hello everyone! I’m FabFiola. I’m living in San Antonio, Texas, this is our home based small business from FabFiola Services LLC. Our vision and dream is to empower women to feel beautiful and confident in their own skin through our clothing and accessories at an affordable price, I’m inspired by helping other women feel beautiful, unique, and confident.

We have different types of clothing needs for a family, we also sell accessories for Women.

Our goal is to provide the quality products to the end customers with the right price.

We believe in quality, we make sure to deliver quality products to our customers.

Here's how I run my business:

We get most of our products from India, we sell our products only if we have the products in our San Antonio warehouse, which means what ever you see on the website is already available in San Antonio.

We hand pick the right products , we spend lots of time in checking the quality of the products.

We ship products with in 24 hours (except Holidays and weekends). 

Our pricing strategy is not based on demand or profit or any other marketing ideas, it is purely based on what we spend and how much we have to sell to run the customer satisfied business.

I’m excited and determined to pursue my dream and want to be an inspiration to others to do the same.